Antique Collectables – Creating Valuable Collections

Creating a collection of something is usually done for a few different reasons. Some might find joy in the hobby, and pursue it recreationally. Others might find that it helps them remember something about their past that they don’t want to let go of. But other collect for one, main reason: to make a profit.

Granted, making money from antique collectables may take some serious patience, especially for collectors that are looking to wait for a certain item to gain serious value some time in the future – and the risk is always present that that item may remain valueless. There are some collectables, however, that tend to both hold their value while becoming worth more as time progresses. Consider collecting starting one of these collections the next time you find yourself with some spare cash from a relative or playing the bingo Canada has to offer.

  1. Money

This is applied mostly to coins, especially coins that were made in certain time periods. Most modern coins are made from cheap alloys, meaning their potential to gain value over time is not that high. But older coins, many of which were made of real silver, or even gold, gain much more value over time. This is often not just for the actual value of the material used, but also for the historic importance of the coin.

  1. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records were the only way our parents and grandparents were able to enjoy audio recordings, and when they first came out, they were the pinnacles of recording and playback technology. But things have changed drastically, and producing vinyl’s on a large scale in the age of digital streaming is just not feasible. And although vinyls have made a few comebacks over the years, original presses are essentially priceless, and getting hold of one is a collector’s top priority.

  1. Dining and Tea Sets

The aristocrats of Great Britain made tea and dining sets popular, and it was the type of collection that travelled with the Brits to many of the countries that they once owned. But over time, less and less people collected these sets, and today, a complete set of family crockery is often quite rare and quite valuable, and definitely worth holding on to.

  1. Silverware and Ceramics

Silverware, of any kind of real quality, will almost always be hallmarked. This allows you to find the maker, age, and where exactly it was first created. Silver isn’t one of the most popular collectibles on the market, but it’s still worth investing in if you have the extra money, as the price of silver tends to fluctuate fairly often.

Ceramics are another collectable that has seen some popularity in recent years. Often collectors will look for ceramics that have certain designs, and historic ceramics and pottery are especially prized. Some, like Royal Worcester, Staffordshire, and Royal Doulton are among the most sought-after potteries in the world, and should always be looked out for on your travels.

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