Collectible Vinyls Worth A Pretty Penny

Vinyls have made a big comeback and music lovers are on the lookout for vinyls that they can listen to on their analogue system.  There are vinyls out there worth thousands of dollars and these collectible items are sought after and each has a story of its own to tell.


The earliest pressing of Elvis, My Happiness, was recorded before the King became famous and was recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis.  Jack White, a famous rock and roller bought the only pressing that was made for $300 000 and instead of keeping it to himself he produced the record and collectors can now enjoy this piece of the King.

Reed and Hill

Joe Bussard, a well-known collector of vinyls was offered $70 000 for a rare Long Cleve Reed and Little Harvey Hill 78 rpm single.  This was a classic blues single and there was only one copy made of this beautiful vocal harmony.  These 78-rpm singles are usually items that collectors search for because they are the first records to use electrical recording technology, the sound was recorded using a microphone and then amplified by vacuum tubes and then the vinyl was cut.

Sex Pistols

A & M Records did a run of 25 000 of God Save The Queen by the Sex Pistols, but only nine of those copies have survived and the others were destroyed by A & M Records not long after they were pressed.  The Sex Pistols only lasted six days with A & M before they started with their outrageous behaviour such as Sid Vicious cutting his foot and then getting blood over the offices of the record label, the label fired them.  Virgin later released the single but was later taken off the air because of the controversial lyrics and the cover of the album.

Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You, is a Northern soul record and there are only two copies and one of these was sold for $37 000, about as much as a big jackpot you could win from  Northern soul is a rare find because most artists were signed with American soul companies and there are very few in existence, which makes them a collectible of worth.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan fans will be very familiar with the album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, but what many fans do not know is that a US version was released that had four extra tracks on it.  The first release of the album was called back and it includes versions of his tracks such as Rocks and Gravel and Talkin’ John Birch as well as all of the popular Dylan tunes.

The Quarrymen

Before the Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney and a few others then known as The Quarrymen recorded a 78-rpm That’ll Be the Day and In Spite of All the Danger and is the only one recorded.  It was valued in 2012 by Record Collector at about $250 000.  The original is owned by Paul McCartney, but he did make 50 copies during the 80s and even these are worth between $10 000 and $13 000.  He gave the copies out to his friends as Christmas gifts.


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