Collectibles Worth Investing In

The golden rule, if there is one, for collectibles is that you should buy things you love. If you’re lucky, these will turn out to be valuable, too, but even if you’re not, this way you’ll still find pleasure in your collection. 

Don’t ever buy anything just for investment purposes, unless you are absolutely sure you will be able to make a return on it. Are you considering trying your hand at collectibles? Perhaps you’ve had a windfall, or hit a lucky streak while enjoying the online betting NZ has available? Well, here are some categories where you can find value, financial and otherwise, as you start exploring collectibles.

Childhood Games and Toys

One of the biggest current trends in collectibles is toys and games, as the growing middle class deals with nostalgia for their childhoods. A good example is Micro Machines, a line of toys that were getting produced in the 80s and 90s. The right Micro Machine could go for anything from US$5 to US$200.

Pop Memorabilia

If you’re just starting out, collecting pop memorabilia might be the best way to do so. A set list written by the late Kurt Cobain, of the Seattle-based rock band Nirvana, sold for US$8 750, and a copy of the With the Beatles album signed by the band netted its owner US$36 250.

Modern Furniture from the Mid-Century

The antique furniture market isn’t what it used to be. Instead, collectors are now flocking to more modern pieces, like those made in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. An ottoman and pair of lounge chairs made by Charles and Ray Eames sold for US$5 625, and a dining room table by Nakashima was snapped up for US$26 250. There was also a recent purchase for a Wendell Castle desk that fetched a cool US$183 750 for its owner.

Memorabilia from the Star Wars Movies

Early on in 2015, a Boba Fett figurine, the bounty hunter working for Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, sold for over US$27 000 at auction. This saw it fetching the top price at a Vectis Auction event, the world’s biggest toy auction house. It was here that Craig Stevens, the former United Kingdom chairman of the Star Wars Fan Club, sold off 70 figurines from his own personal collection as well, and enjoyed a considerable return on his investment.

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art is one of this scene’s biggest movers, and it’s accessible to many different collectors. There are levels for each collector in the contemporary art world, starting off at the few hundred dollars, going up to the few thousands, and then hitting the multi-million dollar range.

Jeff Koons is a good example of this, with his Balloon Dog getting sold for US$58 million in 2013. But his pieces are not all so expensive, and you could pick up original work for US$10 milion, or entry-level authentic edition works for US$10 000. There are then also his Supreme skate decks and works that were designed for museum gift shops that would only set you back a couple of hundred, too.

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