There is no shortage of guns in the world, and there are many people out there that prize their large gun collections. But there are lots of other collectors that prefer to collect vintage guns; guns that were once used in history but were eventually phased out when better technologies were developed.

Vintage guns, therefore, tend to be quite unique and sometimes extremely rare, and anyone wanting to start collecting them will need to make sure that the items they’re getting is the real deal. For starter vintage gun collectors, these are some of the very best guns to start a collection with.

Colt M1911

This is an incredibly popular firearm that made the rounds for the better part of a century, and was a staple within the US military in all the conflicts that they were involved in. It was used both during World War 1 as well as World War 2, and became known for its reliability, ease of use, and classic style that remains popular to this day. It’s also light and sturdy and finding a good quality M1911 that’s still in great condition can be quite an investment, with some collectors spending upwards of $1500 on a single gun, in large part due to how rare they can be to find.

M1 Carbine

Next up is the M1 Carbine, a rifle that was another popular choice during World War 2, and was one of the first rifles that was mass produced during the war. It’s not the most powerful rifle around, but thanks to how easy it is to use, how seldom it breaks, and its low recoil, it was a favourite among the soldiers that fought in the war and needed a reliable weapon at their site. The Carbine takes a clip of .30 carbine cartridges, and although it has long since been retired from military service, it’s still a popular choice for those that like to hunt small game.

Winchester Model 1873

The Winchester Model 1873 is one of the most collected guns in the world, and while they don’t go for quite as much as a Colt M1911, they’re still valuable, and a collector will need to shell out at least $1000 to get a hold of one, so it’s a good time to start checking out Canadian casino sites. Along with the initial cost of buying, it’s worth keeping in mind that the gun will most likely need to be refurbished, which is to be expected considering how old they are. They are known for being extremely reliable, and once refurbished, will last many years, although it’s usually best to keep the gun stored behind glass.

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand, much like the Carbine, was widely used during World War 2, and many might recognise the sound it makes once its clip of rounds come to an end. The rifle remained in use with the US Military up until 1957, and even today it’s not that uncommon for some military units to keep a few of these rifles aside thanks to their resounding reliability.

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