Antique collecting is a hobby that many people around the world surprisingly enjoy partaking in. There are several reasons why people find enjoyment in collecting these prized possessions. Some people collect antiques because they hold sentimental value, while others collect for business purposes, or to resell them. If you are interested in starting out this hobby and are curious to know which items are most popularly collected, read further.


People who collect dolls often have a passion for their collections. Many of their collections can even surpass the hundreds. Toys and dolls go in and out of fashion over the years, so it is the collectors job to ensure that they take advantage of collecting as many valuable toys as possible and store these pieces well into the future.

Antique Jewellery

Collecting jewellery will always remain popular amongst many collectors because every millennial, century and decade produces jewellery that is unique in that specific era. Those who collect jewellery will seek to pick rare pieces that are unique to their individual aesthetic. The act of passing down jewellery from generation to generation in particular families is extremely sentimental because each of the pieces speaks volumes regarding the person who collected them that might not be thoroughly understood.


Collecting stamps may seem like a thing of the past, however, there are still relatively many stamp collectors around. Many people who enjoy this hobby are those who are passionate about history and art. Collecting different stamps from various towns, cities and even countries enables one to learn so much about the origins of that place, as well as the social and political stance during the time when the stamp was created.

Antique Furniture

The most fascinating thing about collecting antiques is the surprise of finding out whether your good is worth some money or not. Whenever you stumble upon an old furniture piece, it’s always wise to have a further look into it. Antique furniture is quite functional and mostly made exceptionally well which is the reason why they make for great collectables. Whether you are a collector or not, once you find out what your antique furniture is really worth, it is up to you to decide what to do with that furniture piece.

Classic Cars

One of the more expensive collectables to own is a classic car. It is not often when you find someone who has a collection of classic cars because this form of collecting is more on the luxury side. What makes for an ideal classic car is one that is extremely rare, well-maintained, well-kept, and stored in the perfect manner. Taking care of classic cars is not an easy task because it can be quite expensive to maintain, but those who are passionate about it don’t mind the extra effort needed to upkeep these vintage classics.


Collecting coins and currencies is one of the most popular forms of collectables. Many countries have changed their country’s coins and denominations over the years, and now there’s even digital currency that can be used when gambling on mobile in Philippines. Many people have managed to collect these pieces either for sentimental value or to possibly be able to resell them in the near future.

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