The price of some antiques simply boggle the mind, with amounts being commanded that are not just amazing, they are truly beyond belief. It is, of course, every antique hunters dream to come upon such an item, and add it to their own collection. But the items on this list are probably not going to pop up at a local yard sale and certainly won’t be available readily. These are some of the rarest, and most sought after items in the world, demonstrating not just jaw dropping craftsmanship, but also connected to important historical figures.

These are the most valuable antiques ever sold, and brief explanation of some of the reasons for their outrageous value.

Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase – $80.2 million

A brief look at this vase will certainly reveal that it looks old, and is a fine piece of craftsmanship. But guessing that it is worth $80.2 million would be well beyond even the wildest estimates of most antique hunters. Created in 1740, the vase is adorned with highly detailed artwork, and demonstrates the efforts of supremely talented artisans.

Why is it so valuable? Because such Chinese ceramics and vases have climbed exponentially in value in the last few decades. Ancient culture is deeply valued in China, and any rare, high quality antique items have become hotly desired amongst the wealthy in the country.

Badminton Cabinet – $28.8 million

Created over six years by 30 skilled craftsmen in Florence, this cabinet speaks for itself. It demonstrates an absolutely extraordinary level of passion like in cycling betting found online, attention to detail, and sheer determination. Its presence is enough to steal away breath, hence justifying its estimated value of $28.8 million.

It currently resides in Liechtenstein Museum, and is view-able by the general public.

Olyphant – $16.1 million

Created from a single piece of prime ivory, one can only wonder in awe how much time and unbelievable skill must have gone into creating this horn. Dating back to the 11th century, the sheer detail in the multitude of expert carvings is enough to make a viewer simply shake their heads in awe. At a price of $16.1 million, however, there are few that ever will see it in person.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester – $30.8 million

Few artists are as well respected and widely known as Leonardo da Vinci. So, it makes good sense that anything linked to him is valuable. These pages, however, are not exactly works of art. Instead they are the notes, studies and pondering of the man, which provide a much more intimate portrait of him on a personal level. Plus, his signature is present in multiple places, which proves authenticity without question.

Sold to the Earl of Leicester in 1717, hence the name, they were resold at an auction to none other than Bill Gates for $30.8 million.

Moonflask in Pink and Blue Enamel On White Porcelain – $15.1 million

Another item that sees its value for all the same reasons as the first item on this list. This stunning vase is another pristine condition item from the 18th century, with incredible value in Chinese culture.