The Antiques Roadshow

The fans of the classic TV show The Antiques Road Show will be happy to learn the US version of the show will be returning to screens in June this year. Quite a few amateur Antique collectors started their love of antiquing from this show, either the British original or the US version.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching an episode, The Antiques Road Show is a delightful program and is as enjoyable as the sports betting NZ. The premise of the show being that antique appraisers travel to different areas of the country and appraise items brought in by the local people.

People have been enjoying the Antiques Roadshow since 1979, with various people bringing in their granny’s vase, the ring they found while metal detecting or their late aunts’ necklace to be evaluated.

The Top Eight Appraisals on the Roadshow

EightQianlong Jade Collection 18th Century

The owner brought in her fathers’ collection of jade he started acquiring in the 1930s and 1940s while stationed in China. The amazing collection includes a dragon bowl made for the Qing dynasty emperor and the collection was valued at $710,000 to $1million.

Seven – Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket

Made in the 1840s, this Navajo Chiefs blanket was gifted by Kit Carson to his grandmothers foster parents. This extremely rare blanket marks the start of Navajo weaving and is hugely important to US history. This blanket was appraised at R750,000 to $1 million on the show, but sold for an amazing $1,8 million at auction.

Six – “El Albanil” oil Painting 1904

Painted by one of the most influential Latin American painters, Diego Rivera, this painting bought in Mexico hung behind a door for decades before being brought to the show and being appraised at $800,000 to $1million.

Five – Leica Luxus II Gold Plated Camera

Having owned the camera since the end of World War II, this camera is one of the rarest on the planet and said to be the last of a set of four. Appraised at $780,000 to $12 million, it only sold in auction for $620,000 still a very neat profit.

FourBoston Red Stockings Baseball Archive

This collection of baseball cards is from the earliest known professional baseball team, from the 1870s. It not only had baseball cards, but handwritten notes, photographs and authentic signatures of the players, which led to it being evaluated at a whopping $1million.

Three – Chinese Cups made of Rhino Horn

In the modern day, Rhino horn usage is banned and strictly regulate, but in 1000 BC when some of these pieces were made there was no such restrictions. These cups broke the record in 2011 for the highest appraisal on the US Antiques Roadshow by being appraised between $1 and $1,5 million.

Two – Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

Handed down through three generations, this pocket watch was originally appraised at $250,000 in 2004 but sold in auction in 2016 for $1,5million.

One – Model of “Angel of the North”

Brought into the British version of the show, this model of the enormous sculpture “Angel of the North” by artist Antony Gormley was appraised at $1,2 million.

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