Building a collection of any kind takes time and money, and depending exactly on what’s being collected, the expenses can quickly rise up into six or even seven figures. These are the collections that are put together by people that want the best of the best, and have the money and resources to do it without going bankrupt.

Often, once a collection has been completed, or perhaps the collector passes away, their collection will be put up for auction. These are sold for small fortunes more often than not, but sometimes a collection so rare and so valuable that it sells for to only the highest bidder. These are some of the most valuable collections ever sold.

Swiss Watches

A collection of truly unique vintage timepieces was sold during a private sale at Sotheby’s in New York. The sale was eventually completed at $6.1 million, and consisted of 22 Swiss enamelled watches that were made during the Industrial Revolution, many of which had never seen the light of day.

US Coin Collection

Coins are collected all over the world, and some coins on their own are worth a small fortune. Enough of those coins in a single collection and we’d have some reminiscent of the US coin collection that was sold by Louis E. Elisaberg after he sold his in 1982 for a total of $44 million after he had spent year acquiring an example of every type of US coin that was ever minted. It’s the perfect collection for those that constantly find themselves short of change, such as when playing online roulette NZ.

 Wine Collection

Wine is a collectible that can often be found at auction sales, but not every bottle has the same value. Sotheby’s New York boasts the biggest sale of a wine collection yet after they successfully sold billionaire Bill Koch’s assortment of fine wines for a total of $21.9 million.

Chinese Ceramics

A farmer based in Wiltshire, England, made front page news in 2016 after he accidentally stumbled upon and sold an incredibly valuable collection of Chinese ceramics; one of the most complete collections of all time. The ceramics span over 1000 years of Chinese history, and was comprised of ceramics from the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. It was eventually sold for $60.4 million.

David Bowie’s Art Collection

Famous singer and performer David Bowie sold his impressive collection of art for $44.3 million in November of 2016. Sotheby’s were completely overwhelmed by the figures that they attained through the sale, which was doubled what they had originally estimated.

Classic Car Collection

The most expensive car collection was sold at an auction in 2015 for a whopping $67 million after an anonymous collector based in Florida decided to sell his range of vintage and unique cars through Sotheby’s The most expensive car sold was a 1965 Ferrari 250 LM, which tallied a total of $17.6 million on its own.

Fabergé Egg Collection

The single most valuable Fabergé egg collection was sold to billionaire Victor Vekselberg for an estimated $50 million in 2004. Vekselberg considers the collection, which consisted of 50 eggs, a national treasure.

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