Top Tips for Identifying Fake Sports Memorabilia

Whether you collect for sentimental value or financial gain, sport memorabilia can hold tremendous value – as long as the item is legitimate of course. Rare trading cards, team apparel, autographs, and equipment could possibly collect incredible prices on the memorabilia market and as it’s such a lucrative market, there are plenty of forgeries to be found. It may be difficult to spot a fake item from the real thing at first glance, but if you keep these 5 top tips in mind, you’ll be able to spot them right away.

Trust Your Gut

As the old adage goes, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” and this is especially true for sports memorabilia. Always be careful of items that look too perfect, as they are most likely well-crafted forgeries. Counterfeiters will go to incredible lengths to fool potential buyers so don’t forget your common sense once you’ve locked eyes on the item. As such, it’s important to approach every item with scepticism until you have a good reason not to.

Do Plenty of Research

If you want to spot an expert counterfeiter, you’ll need to become an expert yourself. Do plenty of research and get to know as much as about sports memorabilia as possible to make it difficult for anyone to pull the wool over your eyes. The small details which help to identify the real from the fake items will often go unnoticed to the untrained eye – just like when looking for legit online betting sites – so it’s a good idea to handle as much legitimate merchandise as possible.

Turn That Autograph Upside Down

Autographs are one of the most popular items on the sports memorabilia market and of course this means that they are also the most frequently forged items. For this reason, when inspecting an autograph, turn it upside down and compare it to an official autograph as this may reveal subtle inconsistencies which would otherwise go unnoticed. Thanks to modern technology, forging a signature has never been easier and even a half-decent counterfeiter may be able to achieve a passable autograph by hand.

Get Out Your Magnifying Glass

While many autographs are forged using a stamp or auto-pen machines making them appear perfect at first glance, they can be easily identified as fakes upon closer inspection. When looking at an autograph, use a magnifying glass to look out for any unnatural properties in the ink itself, heavier ink on the outside lines, and the distinct lack of the natural inconsistencies which would occur with a handwritten signature.

Only Deal with Reputable Collectors

If you want to almost entirely diminish your chances of being had it’s a good idea to only deal with the most reputable of collectors and dealers in sports memorabilia. These people have spent years in the industry, providing the experience necessary to spot a fake from a mile away and you can fork out your hard-earned cash with peace of mind knowing you’re getting the real thing.

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