Valuable Comic Books

One of the most recent rare collectibles are comic books that have been known to go for millions of dollars at a time.  These comics that are a better grade will get a higher asking price and the most valuable comics are those with recognisable characters especially first editions.  Finding these comics in good condition is a rare find and finding one will mean finding a treasure of high value.  Many collectors will dig deep to find money for these rare finds, and may well use their winnings from mobile betting sites to snap up rare editions. 

Action Comics Number 1

Action Comics Number 1, June 1938 is probably the most valuable comic and this issue is considered as the beginning of the superhero comics and it is in this comic that we meet Superman.  This particular issue has been sold for a million dollars and lower grades of Action Comics Volume 1 have sold for thousands.

Amazing Fantasy Number 15

Marvel comics made their debut later than DC and in 1962, Spider-Man made his appearance in the Amazing Fantasy Comic Number 15, which makes it a valuable addition to any collection.  Selling for more than a million dollars it is considered one of the most costly comics anywhere in the world.  It would seem though that the Action Comics Number 1 will remain at the top of the log and only the highest grade Amazing Fantasy Number 15 will go for such a high price, the lower grade ones are not that expensive.

Detective Comics Number 27

Comic collectors will want this sought after Detective Comics Number 27 where Batman makes his debut onto the superhero scene and also falls into the million-dollar category.  He makes his first appearance wearing his black and grey outfit.  Batman is an icon and the reason why any collector would want to have this edition in their collection.

Superman Number 1

The first issue of Superman was sold for more than $5 000 in a private sale, that is the rumour.  Even though Superman appeared in Action Comics Number 1 this issue is still valuable as it is Superman’s first appearance in a comic of his own.

Fantastic Four Number 1

Fantastic Four Number 1 has a classic Golden Age cover and features the four battling it out with a monster.  This edition is another comic worth about half a million dollars a few years ago, so by now the value could have increased considerably.

Marvel Comics Number 1

The Human Torch made his debut in the first edition of Marvel Comics then published by Timely Comics.  Another comic of an extremely high value it has a very high price tag.  Timely Comics later became Marvel Comics, which probably means that this Timely Comics edition is the only one of its kind.

Action Comics 10

Action Comics Number 10 sold for $258 000 in 2011 and even though it does not have any first appearances of any of the important characters these are still very valuable.  These classic comics that are still in good condition can be sold at very high prices and have great value.

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