Collecting watches is a pastime that’s enjoyed by thousands around the world, and it’s not too hard to see why. Analogue watches by their very design are fascinating, made up of dozens of tiny moving parts that all need to constantly work in perfect alignment in order to provide the correct time. On top of that, many watchmakers put tremendous effort into creating beautiful watches, and no two quality watches are every quite the same.

For those that are wanting to start their own watch collection at home, here are a few beginner tips to make the most of getting started.

Find a Good Dealer

Collecting watches often implies that you will have a favourite brand that you try to pick up as much as possible, and the only way to go about getting great deals on a new release is by building a relationship with a local watch dealer. It doesn’t have to be a full friendship, but being polite and never causing any dealer has a good chance of ensuring the dealer always keeps you up to date on any new watches that you might be looking out for specifically.

Pre-Owned Watches

Buying a pre-owned watch might seem like a good idea, especially if it’s a watch that’s no longer being made. Before doing this, it’s a good idea to do a little background research, especially when some watches are expensive enough that you need to win big at Aussie sports betting sites in order to splash out and invest in one.

The first thing you should do with a pre-owned watch  is make sure that the watch can be restored or repaired. Many watch companies are happy to restore one of their old pieces, but just as many will not. Along with this, many of the parts needed to repair a vintage watch might not be produced any more, meaning that when the watch does eventually break, it will be impossible to get working again short of ordering in custom built parts.

Avoid Fads

It’s extremely easy to buy into a fad, especially when it’s first starting out, as it’s impossible to know whether it’s be long term or not. A great example of a fad in the watch world were large-faced watches, and they made big waves among the rich and famous especially, causing a large spike in purchases and collections. But it wasn’t long before people lost interest and their popularity eventually died out, leaving many of them worth substantially less than before. It’s best to watch a new trend carefully, and making sure that it has some longevity before making a new purchase.

Don’t Engrave

Engraving a watch with a sentimental note might seem like a good idea at the time, but in terms of long-term investment, it’s a fairly bad idea. If you plan on one day selling the watch if it becomes valuable, leaving it as is tends to be a better idea. Conversely, if it’s a watch that you are sure you will always want in your collection, then having it engraved isn’t much of a problem.

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