Human beings have always have always had a soft spot for collecting things that we like over time. Whether it’s a small coin or stamp collection, it’s not uncommon to come across someone that has spent a decent amount of time and money investing in a collection that interests them. But some take collecting to an entire new level, and have created massive collections that surpass anything else in the world.

These are collections that are so large that they break world records and have been recognised by the Guinness World Records for being the very biggest that the world of collecting has to offer. With that in mind, these are the top five.

  1. Star Wars

The record for the most Star Wars memorabilia is held by an American man named Steve Sansweet who lives in Petaluma, California, and is the official largest collector of Star Wars merchandise in the world. What makes this feat even more impressive is that his collection hasn’t actually been confirmed officially by Guinness, but it’s believed that his collection actually consists of 500,000 different items, making it not just unique by truly massive.

  1. Pokemon

Lisa Courtney, who lives in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, has been collecting all things Pokémon for a number of years, and her collection now consists of over 17000 items, which have been recognised and confirmed by the Guinness World Records. Where some 27 year olds spend their time working or playing online blackjack, Courtney started collecting Pokémon-related items when she was only 7, and the collection has taken over her house in the mean time. Some of her favourite items have become popular exhibits at the local museum.

  1. Ballpoint Pens

The ballpoint pen is the stable of any classroom or office, but they’re also meant to be disposable after a while, but one woman, Angelika Unverhau has decided to keep every ballpoint pen she’s ever come across in her life –  which has now amassed to over 285,000 different pens in her collections. In fact, it represents 148 different countries, and while it’s believed that she actually has many more pens than that, only the truly unique pens have been counted as part of the official number.

  1. Napkins

Napkins are not an item that anyone would consider keeping; they’re designed to be thrown away as soon as they have been used. But a German woman by the name of Martina Schellenberg from Schwieberdingen has been collecting every napkin she comes across for decades. At the moment, her collection sits at around 125,900 in total, and the entire thing has been sorted by the theme and stored in a massive array of boxes.

  1. Vinyl Records

Zero Freitas, a citizen of Sao Paulo, currently owns the world’s very largest collection of vinyl records at 7 million records in total. His collection bean with his parents, who owned a few hundred themselves, and by the time he left high school he had already amassed 3000 records, with a further 27000 by the time he turned 30.

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