Humans have a knack for collecting things, no matter the size or value. Some of us make it a part of our lives, where we devote countless hours to not just finding something valuable, but to making our collections as large and as complete as possible. While many collectors might focus on fancy watches or historic coins, others prefer to collect video games. This can be in the form of old cartridges, CDs, or even entire consoles; as long as it’s related to video games in some way, it will most likely be part of a collection somewhere.


Michael Thomasson

In 2014, Michael Thomasson made international news when he put his entire collection of games on eBay for sale, which consisted of over 11000 different games, along with a variety of consoles, both new and old. He started the bid at only $1, but it didn’t take long for that to turn into a massive $750,000 within a matter of hours. The auction garnered so much attention that his collection became a Guinness World Record. Despite selling his entire collection, Thomasson has said that he might rebuild it again at some point in the future.


While we don’t know his true name, Hypertronic is a Steam user that has become known for owning the most games on the beloved virtual platform. He was first introduced to the platform in 2004 when he acquired a key for Half Life 2, but before long he began to collect as many games as he could get his hands on. The nature of having a virtual library, it’s not conceivable that he will ever run out of space for more games, and he currently owns more than 10000 games on steam. Even with the countless sales that Steam has offered, it’s more than likely that Hypertronic is a millionaire, with the kind of money usually only seen when gambling at casino sites in Canada.

Syd Bolton

Syd Bolton is a gaming enthusiast that became famous on the show Extreme Collectors, where he showed off his incredibly impressive collection. Made up of over 15000 different items, the collection featured everything from the Atari 2600 to the latest consoles. It’s believed that the entire range is valued at around $650,000 in total, making it one of the most expensive of all time, although many have speculated that it’s worth much more.

Joel Hopkins

Joel Hopkins is an Australian games lover that currently holds the record for the biggest collection in the world at a whopping 17500 in his persona library. In fact, the collection is so big that he’s had to store most of it in a warehouse, along with a custom arcade room that is designed to look like the one he visited when he was younger, even down to the placement of the arcades and the kinds of games that they offer. Perhaps the most passionate gamer in the world, Hopkins continues to add more games to his collection even to this day.