The modern watch is one of the most complex inventions of all time, and fundamentally changed the way we went about our daily lives. Many of the original watchmaking companies can still be found to this day, with true master watchmakers that have dedicated their lives to creating unique pieces worth untold millions. These are some of the most valuable watches in the world right now, and the ultimate prizes for any watch collector.

Supercomplication – Peter Phillipe

Created for Henry Graves Jr, this strange but beautiful piece cost an incredible $24 million to make. It consists of 24 complications, and comes with features such as a minute repeater complete with Westminster Chimes, times of both sunrise and sunset, a perpetual calendar, and a star chart that is based on the night sky that can be found above Graves’ own home, located in New York.

Chopard 201 Carat

This stunning pocket watch was created by Chopard and is worth a total of $25 million, with the high value of the watch attributed to the many carat diamonds that can be found studded around it. The watch is made up of a 15 carat pink diamond, an 11 carat white diamond, a 12 carat blue diamond, along with smaller yellow and white diamonds that make up 163 carats for the rest of the watch.

The Billionaire Watch

Put on the market by Jacob and Co., the Billionaire Watch is a pocket watch that costs around $18 million that’s set with a total of 260 carats worth of emerald cut diamonds, along with a unique skeleton face. It also comes with a star chart that’s built behind the hands.

The Fascination

The Fascination is the second most expensive watch ever sold, and was designed and created by Graff Diamonds. Costing a massive $40 million in total, this watch contains 152 carats of white diamonds, which also includes a 38 carat diamond that sits in the middle. This diamond can also be removed from the watch and use it as a ring, for instance, you might have played the slots having the theme of diamond rings at this relevant website.


Another watch from Graff Diamonds, Hallucination is the pinnacle of the expensive watch world, and it’ll be a long time before anyone tops this achievement. With a value of $55 million, it consists of 110 carat diamonds, each one cut to perfect clarity. All of the diamonds are set into a solid band of platinum, making it a watch without equal.

Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang is among the world’s most beautiful watches, and it’s a design that’s become popular since its release. Covered with 1280 diamonds, each 3 carats, the diamonds in this watch were cut by a jeweller in New York that has been cutting diamonds for decades, meaning each one is a testament to the watch’s perfection.