Understanding The Human Desire To Collect

Human beings have always set themselves apart from the natural world because of the way we interact with the environment around us. Where all other animals – apart from birds – are generally stuck to the region where they evolved, humans instead invented the means of getting around as fast as possible. Where the animal kingdom does not ever have the need to collect and use items, humans around the world have created collections of items for countless millennia.


Let’s Take a Look at the Most Valuable Antiques Ever Sold

The price of some antiques simply boggle the mind, with amounts being commanded that are not just amazing, they are truly beyond belief. It is, of course, every antique hunters dream to come upon such an item, and add it to their own collection. But the items on this list are probably not going to pop up at a local yard sale and certainly won’t be available readily. These are some of the rarest, and most sought after items in the world, demonstrating not just jaw dropping craftsmanship, but also connected to important historical figures. (more…)